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May 2015 | Stephen Dixon new General Manager of Stracon GyM

Steve Dixon
General Manager
The first quarter of 2015 brings new challenges for STRACON GyM. The 2015 strategic plan consolidates a strong vision and mission based on our corporate values, Compliance, Quality, Reliability, Efficiency and Safety, whose purpose is focused on positioning ourselves as the most reliable mining services and mass earthworks company in Latin-America.

In view of our growth, in early March, STRACON GyM with the Graña y Montero Group Board, named Mr. Stephen Dixon as the new General Manager of our company.

Steve Dixon has occupied the position of General Director of Operations since 2001 in STRACON S.A.C and later in STRACON GyM. Following the merger with GyM, he led the organization in conjunction with the General Manager Mr. Octavio Cabrera, who has now been designated as Javier Prado´s project manager for the Graña y Montero group.

Steve will continue to be responsible for the department’s heads of Operations, Administration and Finance, Safety, Equipment and Logistics, Continuous Improvement, Commercial, Technical, Human Resources Management, having the responsibility to continue the business development.

In STRACON GyM we are convinced that this new structure will ensure greater efficiency, coordination and synergy between all our organizational areas.

Apr 2015 | STRACON GyM exhibiting at the XIX International Mining Safety Seminar

On April the 23rd STRACON GyM participated in the XIX International Mining Safety Seminar at the Sheraton Hotel, which brings together leading national and international exhibitors, with the aim of exposing updated topics related to our sector problems and applicable mechanisms for resolution.

In this opportunity, Julio Martinez, SSOMA manager from STRACON GyM explained the structure of our business strategy, through an integrated management system which is based on the core values of our organization and continuous improvement of safety processes that are currently utilized in our projects.

The integrated STRACON GyM management system, aims to measure and improve the performance of our activities which allows us to improve our efficiency increasing our competitiveness in the mining sector. . STRACON GyM will continue with this business strategy and keep contributing to a sustainable development on prevention of accidents in the Peruvian mining sector.

Apr 2015 | STRACON GyM again contributes to the foundation of Mackenzie Health

STRACON GyM is sponsoring for the second year, the 6th edition of the Mackenzie Health Foundation Golf Tournament, organized by our strategic partner HudBay Minerals. The tournament will take place on August 14 at the Eagles Nest Golf Club in town Ontario Canada, for the purpose of raising funds for MRI equipment for the Mackenzie Richmond Hospital

In 2014 the contribution made by STRACON GyM together with other sponsors was $ 100,000. This year is expected to exceed that goal and reach the $ 600,000 needed to achieve the ultimate goal.

STRACON GyM continues to support national and international initiatives that promote the growth of society.

For more information about the foundation:

Apr 2015 | Finalists for the "Annual Award for Successful Experience 2014" Rimac Insurance

STRACON GyM is participating for the first time in the “Annual Award for Successful Experience 2014” (Premio anual a la experiencia exitosa 2014). This award recognizes the organizations that contribute to the Prevention of Risks at the workplace among companies maintaining a Hazardous Work Supplemental Insurance policy (SCTR) with Rimac.

STRACON GyM as an active operator of prevention programs has been placed in the top 20 finalists thanks to its project: Condor Road Safety Plan that aims to improve the controls of the “Transportation of Personnel” through the following initiatives:

  • Evaluation of routes established in each project
  • Monitoring the vehicles in route via GPS, emergency announcements - SOS, geofencing, and travel speed, etc.
  • Evaluation of the driver’s behavior through video recordings of the journey, training in defensive driving and additional co-driver for the safe operation of the vehicle to assist if require for the fatigue.
  • Increase the standard of the driver’s experience.
  • Improve the standard of vehicles for transportation of personnel.

The Condor Road Safety Plan has been evaluated by the technical committee of the competition using the following criteria: project relevance, innovation, efficiency, integration with business management, impact and sustainability.

If awarded, STRACON GyM will receive 10 positions for an international exchange to get to know the best practices in safety and a diploma with distinction and a trophy that would be award at the finalist ceremony.

STRACON GyM continues awarded the announcement of the outcome of the Rimac Insurance final results, while continues to apply innovative solutions to motivate a culture of prevention and safety throughout the organization.

Apr 2015 | Recognized for our responsible management

On April 7th, 2015, our company was awarded the "Socially Responsible Company" Seal (Distintivo ESR), at the ceremony organized by the association Peru 2021 and the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI).

The Socially Responsible Company Seal is granted to those companies that stand out because of their compromise with sustainable development and their good practices of social responsibility. This recognition was gained through a rigorous self-diagnosis in which the 10 main companies of our Group participated. Our management was evaluated in four dimensions: life quality at the company, business ethics, entailment with community and environmental preservation.

Such recognition is due to our special way to do business, our Graña y Montero Work Style, which encourage us both to grow from the responsible management of our operations, and to share well-being with society.