In STRACON GyM we are focused on offering comprehensive services in open pit and underground mining as well as bulk earthworks, including planning, construction, operation, and closure.

Our Services

Mine Planning

Our company supports our clients in developing mining plans that optimise the design of open pit or underground mines, maximising production.

Through many years of experience in mine planning and operation we have gained expertise that we use to provide technical support to our clients in short-, medium-, and long-term planning. Our engineers carry out short-, medium-, and long-term planning at the ore deposit level, taking into account certain data, such as:

  • Quantities to be mined
  • Mine design
  • Deposit geology
  • Deposit location and mine infrastructure

Every operation has different requirements, factors we take into account when allocating resources.

We use professional mining software for mine planning and design.

Mine Development

STRACON GyM provides support and advice on various mine development activities, identifying risks and opportunities to optimise the potential value of ore deposits. These activities include:

  • Mine plan development
  • Advice on mining regulations
  • Knowledge of local and regional needs to identify their requirements
  • Assessment of financial, socioeconomic, and environmental impacts
  • Advice on how to obtain permits and licenses
  • Counsel on the infrastructure needed for a mining operation

Mine Construction

To begin a mining operation, it is necessary to carry out preliminary and construction works. STRACON GyM performs all these activities, from preparing and clearing the area, removing topsoil, and building roads to access the first levels to be mined.

Part of our service provides comprehensive project management for engineering design, as well as procurement for and management of infrastructure construction projects for the mine:

  • Earthworks for infrastructure
  • Tailings dam, dams, ponds, reservoirs
  • Access and hauling roads
  • Shops, camps, filling stations, and magazines

Employees with broad, local and international experience in the mining and civil construction industry deliver these services.

Mine Operation

We have a proven track record in mining operations, the main activities of which include:

  • Drilling and blasting
  • Loading and transportation
  • Ancillary works (road construction and maintenance, water management, shaping of final slopes, construction and maintenance of related infrastructure)

Mine Closure

STRACON GyM offers a series of mine rehabilitation services to help restore disturbed land to a condition in line with the clients’ plans and commitments. These services include:

  • Mine drainage and water management
  • Final shaping of land
  • Topsoil management
  • Re-vegetation