Apr 2015 | STRACON GyM exhibiting at the XIX International Mining Safety Seminar

On April the 23rd STRACON GyM participated in the XIX International Mining Safety Seminar at the Sheraton Hotel, which brings together leading national and international exhibitors, with the aim of exposing updated topics related to our sector problems and applicable mechanisms for resolution.

In this opportunity, Julio Martinez, SSOMA manager from STRACON GyM explained the structure of our business strategy, through an integrated management system which is based on the core values of our organization and continuous improvement of safety processes that are currently utilized in our projects.

The integrated STRACON GyM management system, aims to measure and improve the performance of our activities which allows us to improve our efficiency increasing our competitiveness in the mining sector. . STRACON GyM will continue with this business strategy and keep contributing to a sustainable development on prevention of accidents in the Peruvian mining sector.