Our Team

A successful organisation has a clear purpose, is community-oriented and inspires its personnel to live its values, fostering a culture of trust – Steve Dixon. Chief Executive Officer.

We provide added-value services through our people, understanding the needs of our clients and providing adequate solutions.

  • Experienced management team focused on operational leadership
  • Personnel specialized in safety, planning and execution and control of projects
  • Ongoing development of operators and community members
  • Use of state-of-the-art simulators

Testimonials from our employees

Enrique Oloya Vera

Trainee Tip Truck Operator, La Arena Project

In the first place, as an Operator of Volvo FMX Tip Trucks, I would like to thank STRACON GyM for the opportunity to be trained. I’m so happy with this opportunity and, to date, I have been in the training program for almost one month, including theoretical and practice aspects. I’m learning many things that I didn´t know before, such as the main parts of the equipment. I will keep striving to become a professional and achieve my goals.

Lucho Acevedo Castillo

Trainee Tip Truck Operator, La Arena Project

I´m attending the training course and I want to thank STRACON GyM for giving us the opportunity to be trained and learn new things, and to have more work opportunities. From my point of view, we have learnt the theoretical and practical aspects of the main parts of the FMX 440 Tip Truck in one month and a half. I think that we can achieve our goals by taking an interest in what we are doing. It is possible to do anything.

Directors and Executive Staff


  • LUIS DIAZ OLIVERO - Director
  • STEVE DIXON - Director and Chief Executive Officer
  • MIGUEL ARAMBURU ÁLVAREZ - External Director
  • AUGUSTO BAERTL MONTORI - External Director

Executive Staff

  • STEVE DIXON - Chief Executive Officer
  • JOSE LUIS DEL CORRAL - Chief Operations Officer
  • HAYDEN HALSTED - VP Business Development
  • MIGUEL FUENTES - Strategy and Planning Manager
  • DAVID TAYLOR - HSE Manager
  • MIGUEL PONS - Administration and Finance Manager
  • LUIS SEMINARIO - Proposals and Contracts Manager
  • JOHN TAMAYO - Equipment and Logistics Manager
  • SANDRO ZUMARÁN - Human Resources Manager